Looking Back at 2020

A year like no other…

Hello, fragrance friends! Long time no see! I have now reached the busy time of year in my day job, and it will continue for a couple more weeks, at least. Between losing my cat, being crazy busy at work and celebrating the holidays, I haven’t had much time to think about blog posts, but I didn’t want to let the end of the year pass without saying a few words.

2020 has been a year like no other. Hopefully, those of us who made it through this strange and terrible year will be able to look back on it someday with no more than a sigh and a shake of the head. I’ve had my share of heartaches and loss this year, as have many of you, but I am also more thankful than ever for all that I do have.

a pile of solid perfume samples and tins
Some of the many beautiful perfumes I have tried this year (some yet to be blog entries), for which I am thankful.

If I have learned nothing this year, it is that I need to be grateful every day. Tomorrow is not promised to us. The people, pets, things and places we love can be gone in a flash. Almost two million people who were here this time last year are no longer with us. The good health and full abilities that we enjoy today can disappear in a matter of days, or even hours. I will never again take for granted even the tiniest pleasures like sipping a cup of coffee in a cafe or shopping for new socks at a discount store. I don’t ever want to experience again that feeling of not realizing what I had until it was gone.

Above all, I want to end 2020 with sincere thanks to everyone who read this blog and/or connected with me on Instagram. Every follow, view, like, comment, emoji and share has been a tiny little candle that helped light the dark days. The perfumed corner of the internet has been a refuge from the terrible events of this year and a delight that helped me feel some semblance of normalcy. I will be back in January 2021, as soon as time allows, and I look forward to sharing new sniffs with you and hearing all about your olfactory adventures, too.

Let’s all have a fragrant 2021 and may it be a better year for all of us!

A bicolor cat sits on a grey sofa, looking out the window
My new cat, Vinny, for whom I am so very grateful and thankful. You’ll see a lot of him next year, on here and IG Caturdays.

By Jodi at Solidly Scented

A lover of all things fragrant