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New review format ‘Swipes’ & review of Dinosaur Toes No. 6

A new abbreviated-format review of this cheerful ray of sunshine

Happy New Year, friends! One of my goals for 2002 is to post new content on a more regular basis. I have a backlog of perfumes I’d like to review, but the previous lengthy review format I established is not sustainable going forward. For 2022, I’m trying an abbreviated review format that I call “Swipes,” named after the typical application method of a solid perfume. These will take less time for me to write, less time for you to read, and will help provide information about solid fragrances and indies in particular that may not be included in the encyclopedias of established reference sites like Fragrantica, Basenotes and Parfumo. Hope you enjoy it!JB

Dinosaur Toes No. 06 solid perfume, in a round gold tin with a white label

Swipes: Dinosaur Toes No. 06 Solid Perfume

Perfumer: Danielle Tanner.

Size: 1 oz./28 g.

Base: Soy wax, Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil.

Vegan-friendly: Yes.

Natural or Mixed Media: Presumably mixed media–only the general “fragrance” is listed in the ingredients.

Fragrance Description by the Brand: From the Etsy listing: “Made with notes of orange, jasmine, rose, and musk, this is a clean, bright floral scent that is my top seller!”

Dinosaur Toes No. 06 solid perfume, with the lid removed to show the creamy white fragrance inside the tin

Notes: orange, jasmine, rose and musk.

Longevity: Around four hours.

Sillage: Intimate, fading to a skin scent.

Fragrance category: Floral/floral musk.

Dinosaur Toes No. 6 perfume held in a woman's hand to show the size and scale of the container

The Experience: When No. 6 arrived on a gloomy December day, the scent burst on my skin with a juicy orange aroma that was just the ray of sunshine I needed. No. 6 is a sparkling sweet floral with a beautiful bouquet of rose and jasmine in its heart. Icy rose petals steal the show here, with the jasmine exuding a soft white-floral transparency as the sweetness recedes and the fragrance dries down to a gentle, soapy musk. Overall, it’s a pretty and pleasant fragrance that lifts the spirits.

Occasion(s): Suitable for wear anytime and a good “easy reach.” No. 6 seems ideal for office wear, daytime casual wear and happy occasions.

Season(s): I wear florals year-round, but this one has a springtime and warm weather vibe.

Gender considerations (Note: I include this information for people who may find it valuable, though I believe all fragrances are unisex and you should wear what you love): not specified by the brand. The floral notes lean more traditionally feminine but my husband finds this one wearable, too.

Dinosaur Toes No. 6, against a blue and gold floral background, angled so the light sparkles off the gold tin.

Where to buy: the official Dinosaur Toes shop on Etsy.

Price (as of this publication date): under $10.

Availability: United States. (Unknown if international shipping is available and I’ll update if I receive more info.)

All images by me.

By Jodi at Solidly Scented

A lover of all things fragrant