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Swipes: Glossier You (2022 version)

A likable scent in a lovable package…

Perfumers: Dora Baghriche and Frank Voelkl

Size: 3g / 0.11oz.

Base: Corn starch, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, hydrogenated castor oil, Di-C12-15 Alkyl Fumarate, synthetic beeswax, Isoeicosane, Silica, Caprylyl Glycol.

Vegan-friendly: Yes. The perfume is also cruelty-free.

The bottom of the Glossier You solid perfume box, with a pink label and the pink rubber band next to the box

Natural or Mixed Media: Mixed media–the ingredients list includes the generic “fragrance” as well as natural compounds like Limonene.

Fragrance Description by the Brand: From Glossier’s official website: “Creamy, warm, sparkling notes of ambrox, ambrette, musk, iris root and pink pepper are encased in a metal compact that’s sculpted to perfectly fit the curve of your palm and thumb, with an addictively flippable swivel. The solid formula is softer and more intimate, with an alcohol-free, anhydrous wax base that quite literally melts into skin and holds the fragrance close, almost like it’s a part of you. Instead of being surrounded by a cloud of scent, you get friendly reminders throughout the day when you catch a whiff of your wrist or the neck of your sweater.”

Notes: Pink pepper, ambrox, ambrette, musk, iris root.

Longevity: Longevity in the cooler weather has been excellent–usually seven to eight hours. The fragrance lingers on the cuffs and collar of my shirt after a day’s wear.

Sillage: Intimate (I could smell it a few inches above skin when sniffing my wrist.) It pretty much stayed that way.

Fragrance category: Floral woody musk; skin scent.

The Glossier You solid compact opened to show the color and texture of the perfume inside

The experience: I never got around to trying Glossier You when it was introduced in 2017. People raved about the solid format in particular, but it disappeared from the market for a few years and oldies on Ebay and Mercari often went for $200-$300. I learned Glossier would be re-launching the solid in improved packaging for 2022, so I signed up for the brand’s mailing list and ordered just minutes after the re-launch announcement, to be sure I wouldn’t miss it.

There’s a lot about Glossier You that is wonderful. I love the packaging–the weight of the metal case and the sleek enamel finish of it are satisfying to the touch. The size and shape help it slip easily into a pocket or purse. Sliding it open and closed with the little fingertip divot is pure fun. I also love that it’s refillable and packaged in a recyclable paperboard box with a reusable pink rubber bracelet. The longevity of the perfume is excellent and the sillage meets my expectations for a fragrance of this type. (People don’t purchase a scent like Glossier You for a big, loud, attention-seeking fragrance aura.)

As for the scent, Glossier You is a good strong like and not a love, and the reasons why are strictly a matter of personal taste. My favorite “your skin, but better” type of fragrance is Iso E Super. On me, it smells clean without smelling like laundry detergent, with pleasant dry woody tones and powdery musk. Glossier You has no Iso E Super but is of a similar “skin scent” ilk, except with a musty cedar/pencil shavings aroma that stops it from being a love. (I have found that note especially problematic when trying to blend this with other fragrances–it often turns into a complete “musty basement” odor.) For the most part, though, it presents on my skin as the expected clean, salty, slightly powdery skin scent that captivates people who like these skin scents. I’m glad I tried it and I enjoy wearing it.

The Glossier You solid perfume compact, in a pink oval case against a red background

If you prefer to wear a perfume that is not particularly noticeable, or if you have sensitivities to strong fragrances, Glossier You might be a good scent to try, especially in the solid format. As with all musk-heavy fragrances, some people are anosmic to this one. Peruse the reviews on the Glossier website for more details and perhaps seek a sample of the liquid first if you’ve experienced difficulties smelling other musk fragrances in the past. (I myself am anosmic to Galaxolide and possibly other musk notes.)

Occasion(s): Great for office or school; the solid is suitable for situations in which you’ll be sharing space with others. It’s a subtle fragrance that is unlikely to overwhelm. People may notice that something smells pleasant and clean but may not realize it’s your perfume.

Season(s): I’ve worn it in Winter and Spring so far and it works well for both. I’m anxious to see how it holds up in hot weather and if I notice a significant difference in performance, I will update this post.

Gender considerations (Note: I include this information for people who may find it valuable, though I believe all fragrances are unisex and you should wear what you love): Though it’s marketed by a cosmetics brand and packaged in a very femme millennial pink compact, the fragrance is entirely unisex.

The Glossier You compact, opened and held in a woman's hand to show the size of the item.

Where to buy: You may be purchased on the official Glossier website and presumably at the handful of Glossier brick-and-mortar locations, too.

Price: As of this publication date, $30 for the refillable case and one perfume. Refills are available separately for $20 each.

Availability: As I expected, the solids sold out quickly when they re-launched in January 2022. As of this publication date, they’re back in stock, but the refills are still sold out. The Glossier website indicates the brand currently ships to the 50 US states, Puerto Rico, Canada, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and France, but notes that fragrance products and samples cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. Territories, PO Boxes or APO/ FPO addresses. I am not sure if that restriction applies to the solid fragrance, too, but you can check the usual after-market sites (Ebay, Mercari, etc.) for more options.

The white Glossier You solid perfume box from 2022, closed. The brand's logo and the box's contents are stamped in black ink. The pink rubber band is wrapped around the box.

(Note: The old version of the You solid perfume comes in a red box. The 2022 release is in a white box as shown in this post. I haven’t seen anything that suggests the older release was a different/better formula, not to mention that solid perfumes don’t usually age well and you’re likely to get a fragrance that’s at least three years old. Further, reviews and photos of the older version indicate the packaging was prone to chips and scratches. I recommend purchasing the 2022 version if you can get it.)

All images by me.

By Jodi at Solidly Scented

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