Mother’s Day Musings

I am scared and angry this Mother’s Day…

Caveat: If you’re participating in the Mother’s Day Strike this week, this blog is not monetized but my posts may include links to other sites that include income-generating click-throughs for those site owners.

I celebrated Mother’s Day this year by making a card, sending a gift and calling my mom on Mother’s Day. I myself am not a mother, unless you count being a cat mom, which I don’t. I love and enjoy the children I have in my life by way of family members and friends. My husband and I also cherish our time together and our lives feel complete without a child. We decided to remain child-free. My decision not to be a mother is a decision about which I have zero regrets.

This is a perfume blog, and I’ll get to the perfume in a minute, but with the possibility that half the population of the United States may soon be stripped of their human rights, this Mother’s Day is as good a time as any to talk about the topic of abortion. I won’t stay silent. I know and love multiple people who have had an abortion. You do, too. Abortion is healthcare. Abortion is still legal in all 50 states as of May 2022. Making abortions illegal will not stop abortions. I am scared and angry that the right to an abortion is in jeopardy and I am sharing the link to a Google doc with some great resources in case you’re scared and angry, too: How to Show up for Abortion Access

Are you against abortions? Don’t have one. Don’t want to read this kind of content on a perfume blog? Stop reading and unsubscribe.

When I was still creating content for Fragrantica, Mother’s Day articles were an annual time to think about my mom in relation to the perfume world. (I’m linking to the last Mother’s Day article to which I contributed there.) I am blessed to say my family members were hugely influential in terms of the scents I remember and cherish.

My mother, my sister, my aunts, my grandmothers and my mother-in-law all contributed in some way to my fragrance experience and education. They let me smell the fragrances they owned and when I was older, sometimes they let me wear them. They gave me fragrances as birthday or Christmas gifts or passed on to me the fragrances they didn’t want. My mom loves to treasure hunt and still keeps her eyes peeled for rare or hard-to-find discontinued fragrances for me. She has sent me perfumes I reviewed on this blog and found a store with interesting perfumes that she wants to show me the next time I visit.

Mom is not a frequent wearer of perfume at this time. There are still scents she likes but she feels her nose is not as good as it used to be. She’s worried about being one of those over-sprayer older ladies who can barely smell their own perfume while everyone around them is choking on it. (Solids might actually be a good choice for you now, Mom–you really can’t overdo it with this medium!)

We have pretty different tastes in perfume, but we’ve owned a number of the same scents over the years, though usually not at the same time: Intimate, Paloma Picasso, Magie Noire, Clinique Happy, a couple long-discontinued Victoria’s Secret scents, an Angel clone we bought from a Muslim perfume oil vendor in Omaha… On recent visits, she took a few extras off my hands: Scherrer II and Aromatics Elixir.

Aromatics Elixir is one that I often smell on those senior over-sprayers. They’ve probably worn it for 40 years or more and can no longer smell it at this point, even when applied with a heavy trigger finger. (And let’s be honest–it’s a beast when applied in even the tiniest doses!) I enjoyed it but found so few occasions for which it seemed appropriate. The bottle was gathering dust and I was happy to pass it on to Mom several years ago.

I didn’t know a solid had ever been released for Aromatics Elixir until I found a sealed one on Ebay and pounced. The solids are rarely available and priced accordingly, but they’re worth the price if you enjoy this scent. Especially if you found it overpowering in the liquid form. This is still one of the strongest solids in my collection, but even as a beast-mode solid it’s maybe 60-70% of its liquid counterpart and settles from beast to beauty in an hour or so. It’s a much more wearable scent in the solid format, and I appreciate the opportunity to again enjoy a scent that I know my mom has enjoyed, too.

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By Jodi at Solidly Scented

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