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Swipes: Sea Witch Botanicals Fae Ring

For the Patchouli lovers…

It would be wrong to talk about this perfume and not mention that Sea Witch Botanicals is a certified B Corporationcertified Vegan by, and a 1% for the Planet member. Their facility is Towards Zero Waste and they purchase sustainable energy credits to run their facility. It is so wonderful when fragrance lovers can buy things that smell good and do good at the same time–we need more of this!

Perfumer: Presumably, Sea Witch Co-founder Alesia Lau-Hall, who is a certified aromatherapist and the brand’s “master crafter.” (If I hear otherwise, I’ll update this post.)

Size: 14 g. (The size of the solid perfumes currently for sale on the official website is larger–a full ounce.)

Base: Candelilla wax, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, cocoa butter and shea butter.

The bottom of the Fae Ring solid perfume, showing the ingredients and batch number, with part of the brand's label torn away accidentally when the store's price tag was removed
The distressed label is my fault–I tried to remove the store’s price tag too quickly.

Vegan-friendly: Yes and the brand is also certified Vegan.

Natural or Mixed Media: Natural. This fragrance is composed entirely of essential oils.

Fragrance Description by the Brand: from the official website: “Based on the popular Ring of the Fae, Fae Ring solid perfume is an uplifting, floral aromatic experience sure to bring you joy!” The label also includes: “A frolicsome bouquet featuring invigorating ylang ylang mixed with the friskiness of patchouli.”

The top of the Fae Ring perfume tin, with a brown paper label featuring a yellow ylang-ylang blossom and green leaves along with the name of the perfume and the brand

Notes: Patchouli, ylang-ylang, bergamot and orange.

Longevity: Excellent at five to six hours. Subtle traces of patchouli are still noticeable after that.

Sillage: Goes on strong, thanks to the patchouli, but settles to moderate sillage in an hour or so, fading over time to intimate and skin scent.

Fragrance category: Floral aromatic/floral woody.

The broken seal of the Fae Ring perfume tin, which is a yellow label with a blue sea shell imprinted on it
The tin was sealed, and the sea shell image was so cute I hated to break the seal.

The experience: The most important thing you need to know about Fae Ring is this: Must. Love. Patchouli. If you dislike this note, or even if you’re ambivalent about it, Fae Ring will not be for you. (But if you love patchouli, this one is wonderful and there are several other fragrances in the Sea Witch Botanicals line that might interest you, such as Hermitage or Night Nymph.)

The citrus notes and ylang-ylang add some additional facets to what would otherwise be a typical “stinky hippie” patchouli fragrance, which is the best kind. (None of those sanitized, Tom Ford-esque “white patchouli” notes for me, thanks!) However, I did find the citrus and floral notes expressed themselves more vividly in the tin than on my skin. With a solid fragrance, I expect any citrus notes to be subtle, but ylang-ylang is usually neck-and-neck with patchouli as a note that stops just short of being overpowering and survives on clothing through the washing machine and the dryer… I can smell the ylang-ylang as a distinct note when I hold the tin under my nose. On my skin, it’s very muted and dances in and out of the fragrant aura, though I sense its candied floral aroma sweetening the patchouli to a certain degree.

The Fae Ring solid held in a woman's hand to show the size of the container

Patchouli essential oil is not only a beast-mode aromatic component. It’s also a dark, sticky substance that can stain clothing, survive any attempt to scrub its aroma from the skin and even leave kind of a patchouli taste in your mouth, if you come in contact with it in its undiluted form. The oil-and-wax base of the Fae Ring solid tames this lion of a scent into more of a housecat. You’ll never overlook its presence but you can co-exist with it peacefully and pleasurably. The patchouli in Fae Ring is a good one, deep and complex, with all the woody and grassy aspects intact, along with those touches of body odor and gasoline that make this essential oil such an interesting (and polarizing) fragrance component.

Occasion(s): Suitable for just about any occasion, though patchouli is a love-it-or-hate-it fragrance note, in my experience, and this may not be one to wear if you’re sharing close spaces with others. I suggest applying sparingly for daytime/casual use, but swipe with abandon for evenings!

Season(s): Fae Ring is a unique aroma that will work well for any season.

The open Fae Ring solid perfume with a visible chunk of perfume removed from the tin.
I used my fingernail to get a good hunk of scent to swipe across my skin.

Gender considerations (Note: I include this information for people who may find it valuable, though I believe all fragrances are unisex and you should wear what you love): this is a unisex fragrance.

Where to buy: I purchased my solid while on vacation, at an eco-chic boutique called Terra Shepherd in Sioux Falls, SD. (Lovely shop that’s worth a visit if you’re in the area!) Sea Witch Botanicals are widely available online, or check your local eco-boutique, health food store, head shop or witchy boutique for this line.

Price: My solid was $12. The larger size 1 oz. solid (currently sold out) on the official website retails for $26.

Availability: As of the date of publication, Fae Ring is sold out on the official website. You can sign up to be notified when it’s back in stock. Sea Witch Botanicals products can be found throughout North America and Europe (and also one shop in New Zealand). Use the Store Locator on the official website to find a retailer near you. The official website ships to the U.S. only, but the brand suggests its partner Spirit Nest for those seeking international shipping.

Fae Ring solid resting against the branches of a green plant

All images by me.

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