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Swipes: Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess and Love Perfume Solids

No need to spend hundreds of dollars when there are such affordable and beautiful musk scents…

Perfumer: Unknown. (I’ll update if I receive more info.)

Size: approximately 1/5 oz./6 ml.

Base: Beeswax and coconut oil.

Vegan-friendly: No, due to the beeswax, but vegans can enjoy these two fragrances in the perfume oil or perfume spray formats instead.

Love and Egyptian Goddess solids. Love has a white perfume label with lettering and flowers in assorted shades of pink. Egyptian Goddess has a gold lid with a tan label featuring a pharaoh with an asp and Egyptian hieroglyphics in the background

Natural or Mixed Media: Mixed Media. Further, the brand states explicitly that a synthetic musk is used and that no animals were harmed.

Fragrance Descriptions by the Brand: Both of the below are from the Auric Blends website:

For Egyptian Goddess™: “To all of the ones who have been wearing Egyptian Goddess™ since the early days of Auric Blends and to the ones who have found us along the way. To many it’s a signature fragrance and to some it is your best-kept secret scent… It’s unforgettable and we know it has changed your life in some way.

The journey of a Goddess is not straightforward and is always a process of evolution, adaptation and knowing where she came from. Being a small family business we mix in small batches ever striving to hit our mark of quality to insure the best product for our customers. The Egyptian Goddess™ scent is one that coalesces with the individual and changes as it warms on the skin.”

The Egyptian Goddess with the lid ajar, to show the creamy off-white texture of the perfume inside

For Love™: “With elements of Egyptian Goddess and White Amber, Love is one of our top selling perfume oils.  Warm and slightly spicy, Love is a perfect winter fragrance. All you need is LOVE!”

Notes: from the official website’s Find Your scent page:

Egyptian Goddess™: “Seductive and soft, this fragrance blends a warm musk with notes of powder and delicate florals.”

Love™: “A soft musk with notes of White Amber, Woods, and a touch of Auric Blends’ Egyptian Goddess.”

The Love perfume solid, opened, with the creamy off-white perfume visible

Longevity: I get about five hours of noticeable scent from each solid, but as is the case with most musks, these scents continue to dance in and out of my ability to smell them for at least another two hours. I’ve applied before bedtime and could still find traces of scent on my wrists the next morning. Both perfumes last longer under clothing and in hair or beards.

Sillage: Sillage is intimate–a few inches above skin–for both in the solid format. The sillage could be expanded by combining the solid perfumes with the other products in the line. Both fragrances are available in perfume oil, perfume spray and soap, with gift bundles available at very good prices. Both scents are also available in incense cones and sticks for environmental scenting.

Love and Egyptian Goddess perfume solids atop a stack of assorted colors of tissue paper

Fragrance category: Both are floral woody musks.

The experience: For many years now, Egyptian Musk has been a fragrance I smell, at least in passing, almost every day. I used to buy musk fragrances from a head shop in Lincoln, Nebraska called Euphoria, and Omaha had a fun shop called Perfume Oils by Maisha, which I now realize was the equivalent of the perfume oil vendors who peddle from folding tables on the streets of Philadelphia or stroll through the subways sporting a bandolier of the oils for sale. I know there are expensive designer or niche musk fragrances on the market, but in my experience, they are no better than the “street” or “head shop” musk scents I’ve worn over the years, nor the drugstore classics like Jovan Musk and Alyssa Ashley Musk. There is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a musk fragrance when there are such affordable and beautiful musk scents such as Egyptian Goddess™ and Love™.

The Love and Egyptian Goddess solid perfumes held in a woman's hand to show their size

If you like musk perfumes, I highly recommend both of these. I love them in the solid format, but if solids are not your thing, give the oils or perfume sprays a try. The fragrances are too good to miss! Love™ was the first fragrance I bought, along with a sample of Egyptian Goddess™ perfume oil. Although both share Egyptian Goddess™ in their DNA, the two scents smell different enough that I immediately knew I wanted both. I placed a second order a week later.

Egyptian Goddess™ plays up the powdery and floral aspects of the traditional street “Egyptian Musk” aroma, for a more complex and sophisticated fragrance. (If you haven’t tried an Egyptian Musk scent before, this might be hard to conceptualize, but it’s a sweeter, flower-laden expression of musk, as opposed to soapy musk like Alyssa Ashley White Musk or dirty musk like Jovan Musk Oil. There’s no animalic skanky note.) Egyptian Goddess™ smells like Egyptian Musk covered in violet and iris petals, without skewing distinctly feminine.

As for Love™, well…who would have thought that simple sweet amber and woody sawdust notes could be so impactful? But it’s true–the addition of these notes in Love™ completely changes the character of the musky Egyptian Goddess™ scent. Of the two fragrances I’m reviewing today, Love™ strikes me as a little more romantic and sensual. While it’s still clean and pleasant, it’s more of a “your skin, but sexier” aroma. Love™ brings to mind the offerings of Narcisco Rodriguez and Lake & Skye’s 11 11, but at a much friendlier price point.

Love and Egyptian Goddess solids resting on their sides on a glass table, with reflections of both perfumes visible in the glass

Occasion(s): Especially in the solid format, they’re both fine for office/school/daytime. Swiped with abandon, both are mysterious and sexy enough for evening and formal occasions.

Season(s): Auric Blends suggests Love™ as a winter scent, but these fragrances are suitable for any season, especially in the solid format. (Musk scents in oil format are often quite powerful but the solid format makes these two versatile and wearable.)

Gender considerations (Note: I include this information for people who may find it valuable, though I believe all fragrances are unisex and you should wear what you love): both scents are unisex.

Where to buy: this brand is widely distributed across the United States. Check your local health food store, record store, gift boutique or head shop/new age shop, or use the store locator on the brand’s official website. Shoppers in the U.S. and Canada can order directly from the website. A good selection of the Auric Blends scents and products can also be found on Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

A top-down view of the solids on a glass table top

Price: As of the date of this publication, the cost is just $8.95 on the official Auric Blends website. I sniff these and can’t believe that such beautiful scents are such a bargain! (I purchased the special editions in plastic containers for portability, but if you’re seeking to avoid plastic, Auric also offers these solid perfumes in hand-carved soapstone containers for that same affordable price.)

Availability: both scents are bestsellers and part of the brand’s permanent collection. The Auric Blends website offers perfume oil samples if you want to explore the scents before making a full-size purchase.

All images by me.

By Jodi at Solidly Scented

A lover of all things fragrant