2023: Starting the Year with Beauty

A quick update and a discount code offer for my readers

Hello, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.

I won’t lie. Mine could have been better. My husband came down with Covid-19 just before Christmas, and a few days later, I was sick with it, too. Our symptoms were each a little different, and mine included the dreaded loss of smell and taste that so many have experienced with this illness. As someone who sniffs and wears perfumes daily, it was strange and jarring to completely lose the use of my nose. I’ve had colds where my sense of smell was diminished but to have it completely disappear was something else entirely. We’re both fully recovered and I can smell/taste again, thank goodness, but it was an odd and frustrating experience, apart from the illness, and I have tremendous sympathy for anyone who is still struggling with it.

A number of new perfumes arrived while I was experiencing Covid and as annoying as it was to delay sniffing them, I found some beautiful new scents that I look forward to sharing in the near future.

In addition, I have an opportunity to help you start your 2023 with some beautiful new scents, too. Arbore Perfume Atelier, who made one of my favorite new scents of 2022, Narcotica, is offering a discount code for readers of this blog. While supplies last, you can use code


to receive 25% off your order. Better still, it can be combined with the other code FREE75 which gives free shipping on orders over $75.

I highly recommend Narcotica to any lover of floral amber/floral vanilla scents. Actually, I highly recommend any of Arbore’s solid perfumes! They have some of the prettiest, most well-blended soliflores I’ve encountered, and their two signature scents, Narcotica and Spring Juice, are both a delight. Learn more in my two articles here and here or better still, hop over to the Arbore official website and explore. If you have a treasured floral note–rose, magnolia, jasmine–the soliflores are safe blind buys and lovely to use on their own or layered with your other fragrances. The brand also offers international shipping.

Hope you have a wonderful week and a beautiful 2023!

All images by me.

By Jodi at Solidly Scented

A lover of all things fragrant