About This Blog and Blogger

Why write about solid fragrances? Because I truly believe this medium offers its own unique advantages.

The Affordable Choice

Solid fragrances are usually the most affordable product in a designer or niche fragrance line. Modern artisan and indie perfumers offer a boundless supply of original solid fragrances at price points that are easy on the pocketbook.

The Environmental Choice

Fragrance bottles and boxes can be beautiful, but most fragrance collectors I know are not bottle collectors, too. The empty bottle and box go to the landfill and get replaced with a brand new bottle, in another cardboard box, wrapped in more cellophane.

By contrast, many solid fragrances are sold in recycled, recyclable and/or zero waste packaging that can be refilled or repurposed when the fragrance is gone.

The Personal Choice

Our 21st century world is saturated in scent. Sometimes it’s too much of a good thing! Solid fragrances offer us an opportunity to dial things back a bit, while still enjoying beautiful aromas. Solids are applied in the most intimate manner, by direct contact with the skin, and without dispering fragrance to other surfaces or the air. The sillage on solid fragrances generally stays closer to the body and is less likely to disturb others.

About Me

Hi! I’m Jodi Battershell (she/her/Jodi), known across various fragrance platforms by my handle NebraskaLovesScent (or “NLS”). I covered the fragrance industry for seven years as a writer/editor for Fragrantica.com, with over 400 articles published under my name. I retired from my post there in 2017, but my love of fragrances continued. Some of the first fragrances I encountered as a child were solids, and I’ve always kept a few solids in my collection for their beauty and portability. I thought it was time this overlooked medium got a closer look.

I founded Solidly Scented in 2020 as a hobby blog and a labor of love. This site is not monetized at this time. Any links are because I love a product, place or person. I pay for the blog’s costs and purchase samples or fragrances to discuss here, all from my own pocket. I am not seeking sponsorship for posts, and if I ever review a product that was “gifted” to me, I’ll be sure to mention that, along with my honest review of it.